The CEA(*) and ENGIE renew their cooperation in nuclear research

January 31, 2020

CEA and ENGIE have signed the continuation until December 31, 2022 of their Research and Development agreement in the nuclear energy field.

As an extension of the cooperation that has linked ENGIE and the CEA since 2007, a new agreement has been signed, which commits the partners in nuclear research and development in the following technical fields:

  • improving the performance and safety of reactors;
  • knowledge development of the phenomena of evolution of materials, equipment and components, including vessels and internal structures;
  • decommissioning, dismantling and decontamination of nuclear installations;
  • control of radiation protection, management of radioactive releases and waste.

This research is in line with the actions carried out for many years by ENGIE and the CEA, actions which have been very positively assessed by the 2 partners.

The extension of the cooperation agreement with the CEA confirms ENGIE's desire to continue to develop its technical and human skills in the nuclear industry.

Exchanges are also conducted by the two partners in the field of energy transition, with an integrated approach to the energy system, opening the doors to joint work beyond nuclear.

In this cooperation, ENGIE brings over 55 years of experience and expertise across the entire nuclear value chain. Operator of seven nuclear units in Belgium, the ENGIE Group is also strategically positioned as a services provider (engineering and design, installation, operational support, fuel management, maintenance, radioactive waste management and dismantling) with 9,000 engineers and technicians with specific nuclear skills, and a turnover of more than 850 million euros in 2019 in this sector.

For its part, the CEA brings its skills and expertise in the management of nuclear R&D projects with strong industrial challenges, in particular for the improvement of the operating life performance, the availability and the safety of the reactors, for nuclear material and waste management and for decommissioning. Its experimental means and its software platforms are all unique tools adapted to the R&D studies addressed in the context of its cooperation with ENGIE.

(*) CEA: French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

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