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Tender offer on Tranche A of the Titres Participatifs issued by GDF SUEZ (formerly Gaz De France)

June 20, 2013

All persons residing outside of France who wish to access the documents contained on this website should first ensure that they are not subject to local laws or regulations that prohibit or restrict their right to access this website, or require registration or approval for any offer to sell by any investor. No such registration or approval will be requested. GDF SUEZ assumes no responsibility if there is a violation of applicable law and regulations by any person. No communication or information relating to the offer may be distributed to the public in any jurisdiction in which registration or approval is required. Except for France, no action has been undertaken to make an offer to the public in any jurisdiction where such steps would be required.

I therefore certify that I am authorized to access this information pursuant to applicable laws or regulations.

I have read and understand the foregoing, and hereby make the certifications above and agree to comply with all of the above restrictions. 

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