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GDF SUEZ and SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT are forming a partnership to launch Cit’Ease™, the first comprehensive interactive control panel for local authorities

November 19, 2013

GDF SUEZ and SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT are presenting today Cit’Ease™, the first comprehensive interactive control panel for local authorities, at the Mayors and Local Authorities’ Trade Show, in the presence of Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GDF SUEZ, and Jean-Louis Chaussade, Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.

Cit’Ease™ rely on a software platform multi-services and multi-businesses “OpenControl©”, conceived by Cofely Ineo. It is an open platform that pools all the data relating to urban issues like energy, waste, water, transport, security, and living conditions. It also includes the public data made available by local authorities (open data).

Cit’Ease™ offers public decision-makers and local authority departments a global overview of the area, in order to optimise urban management. The tool is also accessible to the public on an interactive basis.

Jean-Louis Blanc, GDF SUEZ’s Director of Sales and Marketing, and member of the ExCom, explains: “Cit’Ease™ is a genuine digital innovation that provides a digital reflection of our 150 years of experience in urban services. The aim we are pursuing is to give the right information to the right person at all times. In doing so, Cit’Ease™ makes cities easier places.”Thierry Mallet, Director of Innovation and Industrial Performance for SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, and Member of the Management Committee, adds: “This control panel designed for elected officials, their district departments and the public, pools the various data for the area. Combining and cross-checking data from various sources will become a reality, through offering an overall view that local authorities were lacking”.

An intuitive tailor-made tool

Cit’Ease™ turns data into applications (sets of indicators and services), and provides various comparison levels. It makes it possible to compare the energy consumption in different city districts and to measure their trend over time. Cit’Ease™, which was co-constructed with elected officials and various regional operators as part of a “design thinking” and shared innovation process, is an intuitive tool that is easy to use. It is also fully customisable, depending on the applications chosen by the local authority. Lastly, Cit’Ease™ is open to the public, which can contribute by feeding back information in real time. It offers innovative functionalities intended for the general public, by using the “gamification” concept, for instance, i.e. using games to raise individuals’ awareness of key issues. This means using its digital attributes on a broad scale, in order to promote urban targets like protecting resources.

Towards an easier and more sustainable city

By combining the multiple opportunities offered by digital and local knowledge, this platform makes it easier for urban business specialists and public decision-makers to achieve overall targets like protecting resources, improving the performance of urban services, managing risks and
communicating with residents. In an increasingly complex eco-system that needs to be expanded and nurtured, Cit’Ease™ contributes towards building a sustainable city, and a community that is cutting-edge and responsible, and that respects balances.

Practical applications of the dashboard

applications of the dashboard

applications of the dashboard

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