ENGIE joins the employee shareholding index, Euronext FAS IAS

January 30, 2019

ENGIE has joined the Euronext FAS IAS index, which gathers the most advanced listed companies for employee shareholding. Companies included in this index meet the following conditions: at least 3% of the capital is owned by employees, a minimum of 15% of the overall workforce should own shares in the company and a minimum of 25% of the workforce in France should own shares in the company.

Since the Group’s most recent employee shareholding offer (Link 2018), finalised on 2 August, 4% of ENGIE’s capital and 4.7% of voting rights are held by its employees, either directly or indirectly through company mutual funds.

The Group’s aim is to make it easier for as many of its employees as possible to access its capital, regardless of their profile; hence, under Link 2018, the introduction in France of a 10-year option, wherein employee contributions up to a maximum of €100 are matched with an additional 300% contribution from the Group, giving a minimum return of 2% per annum. Over 30,000 employees have chosen this option.

Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE CEO said: “Our ambition is to strengthen the employee shareholding so that it represents a significant proportion of our capital and voting rights. We believe it is a great lever for connecting employees with the company’s vision and enabling them to share in the value they create”.

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